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Don Eyo with DJ Pest (Interview)

Don Eyo - Dont Play (soundcloud single)

DJ Pest presents: Yo, Pass the Aux Chord - Just The Empress

Atari Monroe - Keri Hilson (single)

Asian Doll - So Icy Princess (Album)

Lizzy Page - Pink Lemonade (Music Video)

Blk Llama - Boo Back (Music Video)

Nile Ross - Velocity (album)

Queen CAI - Oochie Walla (Remix) (Music Video)

Queen CAI - Fight the Power (remix) (music video)

Don Eyo - Cancelled (single)

Bxnks - OD (Ft. Chryst) X Savage (Ft. AMG) (Singles)

Blk Llama - Relax, Its Not That Serious (album)

Dej RoseGold - Nan Hoe (music video)

Lil Debbie - F*** IT UP (feat. Bali Baby) (music video)

Queen CAI - Queen Like Me (music video)

Atari Monroe - All i Can Do is Go (Music Video)

Megan Thee Stallion - Tina Montana (Music Video)

Atari Monroe - Eclectic (Music Video)

ScruseBoy - The Emotional Samurai (Feat. Atari Monroe)

Atari Monroe - All I Can Do is Go (Single)

Trilly Veo - Nun to Lose (feat. William Speakz) (single)

Lil Debbie - In My Own Lane (album)

Charles Hamilton - The Binge vol 4: The Overdose (mixtape)

ScruseBoy - Too Turnt (New Freezer Remix) (Music Video)

Queen CAI - Queen Like Me (EP)

Just the Empress X Kash - Showoff (single)

William Speakz x ScruseBoy - Mile High Club (single)

Trilly Veo - Randy Savage (Music Video)

Joseph Bills - Tiger Duck (Music Video)

Maliibu Miitch - Give Her Some Money (Music video)

Lizzo - Boys (Music Video)

Blk Llama - AntiRockStar (album)

Underground Samurai Bops (Spotify Playlist)

CupcakKe - Hot Pockets (Single)


Lil Debbie - Remember That (single)

Megan Thee Stallion - Tina Snow (Album)

Christina Aguilera - Liberation (Album)

Rico Nasty - Countin Up (music Video)

Rico Nasty - Smack a B**** (feat. Cupcakke)

Underground Samurai Cypher Vol. 1 (ScruseBoy x Atari Monroe x King Content x William Speakz)

Molly Brazy - Like That (Music Video)

Christina Aguilera X GoldLink - Like I Do (single)

CupcakKe - Quiz (Music Video)

Phoenix Phridayz - 06-08-2018

Don Eyo - Just in Case (single)

Qiayz - Citrus (Music video)

Kenny Bones - "TALK / TEXT" (single)

ScruseBoy - Field Trip (single)

Just the Empress - Pride (Single)

Nile Ross - M.F.L.M. 2 (Album)

Brianna Perry - Yes In Deed (Music video)

Atari Monroe x Don Eyo - I Want it All (single)