Atari Monroe has officially announced highly anticipated debut album


Atari Monroe was a relatively unknown artist at the end of 2020. At the end of 2021, Atari has been picked by numerous sources as a figure expected to make a huge impact. After well over 7 years of working quietly in the most obscure parts of the underground, Monroe emerged in April of 2021 with the single "CLOUD". Both the music video and the song were met with very mixed reviews but the song put AtariStorm on alot of Radars.

Between April and October, Atari released 12 music videos and 4 lyric videos for songs appearing on mixtapes, "The Otherness", "Ataripocalypse" and "CyberGlam", bringing awareness to their early work and snowballing their following. Displaying a refreshing level of creativity and originality not often seen, People all over the world have grown very curious of what is to come.

On October 8, 2021, AtariStorm released a 2 part single, featuring tracks "The Method" and "Lovely"

In the Description of these singles on Youtube, it is revealed that Atari's debut album will be called "Aquamarine". although little is known about the project, it is known that the title is at least partly named after Monroe's birthstone.

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